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Why you should hire an event planner for your Nigerian Wedding

If you are reading this now, it means you are on the right path to having a very organised and happy event leaving you with profound memories.

One of the reasons you get a degree from a university is to be a professional in your preferred choice of career, so you can be knowledgeable and vast in that area. Therefore, getting an event planner for your event is a very good idea because it is their field of expertise. Planning an event can be overwhelming, stressful and daunting. It’s no secret that Nigerians are usually extra in their wedding preparations, they want it to be rich in culture and this requires extensive planning. The idea of combining work stress with planning stress is just totally unnecessary most especially if you have never planned a party yourself. Planning an event is like peeling an onion, there are so many layers to it. This post will help you understand some services rendered by event planners and why they are so inevitable in our time.

Back in the 90s era, event planning wasn’t a big deal, it however gained its popularity in the early 2000s, it has since then grown into a very huge and competitive industry now. It easy to see why this industry is successful and highly sought after. This is because, it is a very result-oriented service industry, where you get to watch all your ideas come to life.

Like in other business relationships, having a good work relationship and open communication is always important. Therefore, it is essential to establish trust with the event planner you intend to work with. This will help hinder confusion on both sides and allow for a smooth work relationship. It is foundation for any successful event.

Event Planning Services


Once you decide to celebrate whatever occasion you have in mind, it is good to book a consultation with the planner. The meeting is very crucial because it steers in you in the right direction. In this meeting, a blue print is developed, providing you with different party options like venues, DJs, décor, caterers etc depending on your finances. This meeting will save you the hassle of asking people around to link you up with the vendors. The planner usually has contacts of different vendors based on your specifications. This is an advantage for you because most likely, the planner has worked with the vendors before and understand their ways of doing things.


After initial consultation, the planning phase kicks in immediately. This an ongoing process that lasts till the day of the event. A good planner ensures that everything is planned to detail. You can expect things like selection of the perfect location, vendors, site tours in this phase. Also, selection of attires, development of seating charts, invitations, selecting a theme for the party and many more services are rendered here.

Vendor selection

This is a sub category of the planning phase. This category is usually what makes or mare most parties. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the planner to provide you with good and professional vendors to cater to your needs. Also, you don’t have to worry about running around to sort out finances with the vendors. The planner helps you with all your dealings with the required contracts, payments, vendor’s meeting.

Day of the event

This day is very crucial to every event planner because it is the reason for all the hard work and the reason for the job. The planner usually provides services like coordination, overall management of the event, inspection of setup, welcoming of guests and just generally running a smooth event for you.

Always hands on

There is always a need for an extra hand at events, therefore most planners are always present at events to ensure they are there with you every step of the way. Event planners are always present and attentive to clients needs.

Competent staff

At your event, you don’t have to ever worry about guests feeling out of place or not attended to. The event planner alongside the assistants and coordinators are usually alert to ensure everybody is having a relaxed and good time. They also ensure that everything is running smoothly and going according to the scheduled plan.

We’ve been privileged to work with some couples at Grande Mémoire Events and we have noticed that after the events, the couples are usually filled with gratitude because of our exceptional delivery of services. Additionally, we present our celebrants with a canvas with their pictures printed on it. Their guests and loved ones usually pen down their well wishes on it, this is one of the ways we help to provide a long-lasting memory.

I hope this post has instilled trust and assurance in you that having an event planner is the best approach to having a successful and memorable event. If you are ever in need of an event planner, don’t hesitate to contact Grande Mémoire Events, we offer the best services. I’m positive that you have found this post informative and enlightening, see you next time.


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